The Sadista Sisters

The Sadista Sisters were Teresa D'Abreu & Judith Alderson (who wrote the book and lyrics), Jacky Tayler (who wrote the music) and Linda Marlowe.

Their provocative show was a hard-core feminist, black comedy rock music extravaganza which ran for several weeks at the Edinburgh Festival in 1975 and went on to play to packed houses in the main room of Ronnie Scott's London jazz club for six weeks.

The following extracts from the song lyrics give a flavour of the content and attitude of the show's message:

What Happened To You
Alderson / Taylor
Electric Birth
Alderson / D'Abreu / Tayler
Baby Doll
Alderson / D'Abreu / Tayler
Decadent Taint
Alderson / Tayler
Love, Honour and Obey
Alderson / D'Abreu / Tayler
Black / White
D'Abreu / Tayler
Sadie's Song
Marlowe / Tayler
Alderson / D'Abreu / Tayler
Sister Amazonia
Alderson / Tayler
River Song
D'Abreu / Tayler
Earth Mother
Alderson / Tayler

The Brothers
Barry Booth - Keyboards Bob Gill - Guitars Isaac Guillory - Guitars Mo Foster - Bass Jim Toomey - Drums and Congas Ritchie Gold - Percussion Chris Mercer - Soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones Ron Carthy - Trumpet Henry Lowther - Trumpet
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